Hi, I'm Kristian Snyder.

I'm a developer and computer science student at the University of Cincinnati, expecting to graduate in spring 2020. I've worked in full-stack web development with C#/.NET, Go, TypeScript on AWS Lambda, and JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js.

At the moment, I'm interested in information security, serverless development, and web infrastructure.



A Spotify playlist generator using Markov chains to generate sequences of songs that the user typically enjoys together. Built on Go with Redis for caching and data store. Deployed on Heroku.


Stairs is a utility to randomly select items from a weighted array quickly and without excessive memory usage by creating continuous distribution functions that perform the selections.

People to Pizzas

People to Pizzas is a Slack command bot designed to source a Google Sheet containing a list of people and how many pizzas were served, predicting how many pizzas to serve given a number of people using linear regression. Yes, it’s silly.


GE Aviation

Platform Automation Intern
May 2018 - Present

Amazon Web Services Ruby Chef TypeScript JavaScript Serverless/Lambda Mocha/Chai

Working to manage enterprise data software deployment, orchestration, and monitoring in AWS, saving GE >$500M in server costs.

  • Using Chef to automate deployment and setup of application containers on EC2
  • Writing JS/TS on Lambda to manage monitoring with automated alerts in team chat channels and on-demand triggering of deployment.
  • Testing database calls, API functionality, unit tests with BDD in Mocha/Chai

Great American Insurance

Application Developer Intern
May 2016 - May 2018

C# .NET WCF RabbitMQ MSSQL Angular Protractor

Developed a web app for enrollment and claims of a $40 million insurance division of GAIC. Worked in a Scrum team with 3 senior developers and contributed to feature and bug stories, planning meetings, and feature design.

  • Built several customer-facing pages and critical features using business requirements
  • Managed database migrations and financial reporting queries for billing customers
  • Created microservice built on WCF to rapidly build and serve search data (10x+ improvement)
  • Built and integrated Windows Services to accept and execute messages on top of RabbitMQ
  • Automated user testing using Protractor

University of Cincinnati

Web Development Intern
July 2015 - July 2016

JavaScript (ES5, jQuery) HTML CSS YQL

  • Led update of UC department’s website with responsive layout and modern design
  • Created dynamically updating calendar sourcing from internal API using Yahoo Query Language, jQuery

I learned a great deal from this position about working in a team, balancing a detailed design with usability, and staying true to a consistent design of the overall site.

The university environment, additionally, provided me with the skills to ask questions of others and complete my tasks with departmental approval, heavily applicable to companies large and small.

LP Enterprises LLC

Business Intelligence Intern
February - November 2015

Microsoft SQL SSRS

  • Created reports in Microsoft SQL SRS to provide Cincinnati Bengals with scouting services
  • Collaborated with past VP of IT at P&G to create technology-based solutions for Cincinnati Bengals
  • Designed and implemented data-driven dynamic play cards to allow real-time play adaptations

The independence I had on these projects allowed me to better develop my planning ability and learn quickly to solve various issues that came up on the project while I was learning about the systems involved. I proactively sent updates, asked questions, and completed my deliverables well ahead of schedule.

Recent Posts

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    11 May 2018

    I’ll make this one short. Sometimes, I’ll view a website I’m working on locally, and all appears well. Next, I commit and the fonts are wrong—they’re too big. Instead of going through checking CSS styles, cascading, inheritance, and the universal selector (*), next time I’ll follow the genius of this commenter on Stack Overflow and make sure my zoom level is correct. I feel pretty foolish right now.

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  • Don't Mix the Filters

    11 May 2018

    This is mostly a future note to myself, in case I am so foolish as to think this would be a good idea again. Maybe you’ll find it useful too.

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  • No Such Database and Windows Access Permissions

    15 November 2017

    For my current (as of this post) position as a C#/.NET developer intern, I frequently replicate development databases to my local system through the Data Comparison tool in Visual Studio. One day, however, I got an interesting error when attempting to migrate data:

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